sea swimming girl (aerostatic) wrote in nurse_snarky,
sea swimming girl

a small update on our taking over

i have received an email from the_leh saying that she has no problem with our taking over ask_a_nurse, but as she is pretty much a secondary mod (she's over 40 weeks pregnant and had forgotten that she even was a mod) i'm still waiting for an email from katieshy. talula_fairie did provide another email address for her, so i've re-sent the email and hopefully we'll hear something soon.

as it stands, here would be the mods for the new community:

aerostatic (me)

if i've forgotten anyone, please let me know. the drama has been so thick, my memory is stretched thin.

also, as most of you have read, if this does happen, we'd like to designate nurses in the community with their specialties to reference more specific questions. if you'd like to be on the user info with your specialty, just leave a comment.

i'm wanting to get this organized because i am SO ready to take this over at their okay.
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