Claire (clairespawprint) wrote in nurse_snarky,

slightly off topic....

So, what does everyone think of the Breastfeeding icon journal deletion protest?

I agree it's silly of LJ to crack-down on those icons, esp considering there are much more offensive ones out there. I'm not bothered by breastfeeding anyway. Some people are, and I guess it's their right to be offended. But a dead body wrapped in plastic, or a gun pointing at a baby (saw that one today) stays, and breastfeeding icons go?

But I think this form of protest won't get anywhere with anything. "Temporary" deletion? Gimme a break. People are just having a temper tantrum. It's easy for them to do it, they don't "really" have to give up anything. They'll all take their journals back in two days. Will this protest make a difference?
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